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                                                                                                                                                                           In Reply Refer To:

3809 (NV-920) P


                                                                                                June 8, 2005



Instruction Memorandum No. NV-2005-063

Expires: 09/30/2006


To:          Field Managers, Nevada

                Deputy State Directors and Staff Chiefs, NSO                  


From:      State Director, Nevada    


Subject:   Nevada BLM 3809 Reclamation Bonding Guidance Update


This Instruction Memorandum updates Nevada’s 3809 Reclamation Bonding Guidelines and replaces IM No. NV-2002-066.


The attached guidelines establish current policy on reclamation bonding for both notices and plans of operations.  The guidelines list the acceptable bond instruments and provide copies of the appropriate bond and rider forms to be used in the bonding process.  For all bond determinations, the required bond amount will continue to be a whole-dollar amount.  For plans of operations, the bond determination will continue to be rounded up to the nearest $100.00.


The primary changes in the guidelines reflect changes in procedures used to complete reclamation cost estimates and the criteria, clarification for periodic bond updates and reductions, reducing bonds covered by corporate guarantees, use of long-term trust funds and agreements, and new bond forms.


Questions concerning this instruction memorandum should be directed to Reg Reid (775) 861-6567 or

Cindi Dragon (775) 861-6458 in the Nevada State Office, Division of Minerals Management.


Signed by:                                                                     Authenticated by:

Robert V. Abbey                                                           Pam Collins

State Director, Nevada                                                  Staff Assistant










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   1 -  Nevada BLM 3809 Reclamation Bonding Guidelines (44 pp)